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Hayslip Design Associates - Sherry's  Blog

We're Honored: ASID Award Winning Projects

This spring and summer our work has been honored by the American Society of Interior Design in two separate competitions, Design Ovation and Legacy of Design. Both of these design competitions are intended to enable the Texas design community to show their best work to their peers in friendly competition. We've been very fortunate over the years to receive many honors in these competitions and, as Sherry says, "Our philosophy continues to be emphasis on the unique tastes and values of each individual client. It is a great honor to be recognized by our peers from ASID for the work we love so much."

This year's big winners include:

A Glimmering Bath...


This project's main challenge was bringing a light, airy feel to an otherwise dark bathroom (only the water closet receives natural light). A palette of creamy white and soft celadon with touches of caramel was chosen. Finishes with subtle texture and glimmer add visual interest.

The traditional style of the tub is highlighted by its patinated bronze finish. The coordinating fixtures have rock crystal detail for sparkle. The tub's fittings presented a unique problem: the faucet was a deck-mount; however, there was no deck surrounding the tub. The solution came by designing a column behind the tub that would house the necessary plumbing and provide a perfectly sized deck for the faucet, taps, and handheld shower head. The column was wrapped and decked with white Thassos, allowing it to disappear behind the tub.



Discreet lighting washes down behind the tub, highlighting the tile's subtle texture and sparkle. The mosaic extends throughout the room to chair rail height, topped with a mosaic band of green glass, green marble, and honey onyx. The green marble and honey onyx were used in a water jet fabricated fleur de lis medallion on the floor.

This glimmering bath received first place honors in the Residential Bathroom category of the ASID Design Ovation Awards and second place in the Contemporary Bathroom category of the Legacy of Design awards.

A Palazzo Inspired Great Room...


Our clients wanted to remodel their great room from a baronial hall suited to a country estate, which no longer met their needs, to an elegant, continental setting in which to entertain family and friends.

The metamorphosis to a color infused, gleaming interior is striking. The original vaulted, beamed ceiling was lowered from 38 feet to 24 feet high, enclosed, and adorned with a series of custom plaster coffers and Renaissance style moldings which were hand-painted and parcel-gilt.

Furniture, draperies, accessories and art were all updated. A walnut console was custom made based on an antique. The original piece did not meet the client's exact needs so it became inspiration for the actual console fabricated specifically for this room. The bold angles and rich pigments of the contemporary painting hung above offer a counterpoint to the sinuous curves of the console.


The room features multiple intimate seating areas. As this family entertains, on a large scale, regularly, they wanted to be sure their guests could visit comfortably in this otherwise grand space.


Unexpected elements abound, from the coffee table, with its traditional shape fabricated in contemporary acrylic, to the side table designed to resemble a tree trunk, with little glimmers of gilding and a chiseled edge glass top. The art is a mix of fine and emerging artists.


The ASID judges awarded this great room remodel first place in Design Ovation and second place in Legacy of Design.

A Serene Plastic Surgery Clinic and Aesthetics Spa...


We were challenged by our clients, a team of surgeons, to convert a former shopping center into a plastic surgery center and spa. Our goal was to create functional spaces enabling clients to feel comfortable, relaxed, and well cared for; enhancing their well-being and experience of the clinic through design.


The lobby conveys serenity through dark woods, rich textiles in a watery palette, sophisticated art and accessories. Moveable partitions, handmade paper sandwiched between sheets of acrylic, allow moveable seating areas and decrease sound, encouraging a feeling of tranquility that is further enhanced by a water feature in lobby's center. This element extends into a unique art installation of clear and blue glass drops.



A VIP lounge,


a staff lounge,


and the chief surgeon's private office


are all fashioned in rich and bright jewel tones.

A Special Detail...

You might have noticed the grand fireplace in the palazzo inspired great room. Well, the ASID judges noticed it and honored it with a first place award in Design Ovation.


Originally the room boasted an imposing but crudely carved limestone mantle; now the mantle is interestingly detailed in a classically influenced style with intricate moldings of five different kinds of marble including slabs and intricate moldings of Calacatta Oro, Breche de Vendome, and Giallo Noche.



The finished fireplace mantle stands 8 feet high, with the over mantle extending a further 13 feet high. The overmantle accommodates and antique giltwood framed mirror that reflects the room's ornate coffered ceiling and pair of crystal chandeliers. The mantle's commanding size anchors the expansive space of this great room. A further highlight to the fireplace is the custom gilt bronze firescreen designed specifically for the project.


We enjoy attending the awards ceremonies for these design competitions as it's an opportunity for an evening out as a design team, to socialize with our peers in the design world, and we love seeing everyone's projects and cheering on our friends.





Posted: August 18, 2014


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